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January 26 - Come on over, grab a cup of coffee, chat with us for a while, and change your bookmarks.

     Okay, some of you have asked if I'm going to shut down this website.  Probably not.  I like this URL and I've put a lot of work into this to just let it disappear.  I'll keep it up for at least a year because there's some local history here that need to be kept.  However, I probably won't post here, so get your minimum daily requirement of sass at Juanita's.

January 25 - And this is why I love El Jefe Bob
      Jefe writes about Gov. Rick Perry taking rightwing bloggers out to gun practice --- 

In what can only be termed as really bad timing and bad judgment, Governor Rick Perry, sell-out to teabaggers and secessionists to keep his job for life, took a group of right wing bloggers to...wait for it...shoot guns at a range in Austin yesterday.  The event was part of some "online conference" which was apparently a gathering of conservative bloggers, Perry, his hair, and his handgun. 

The ill-conceived field trip occurred 24 hours after a gunman fired shots from a handgun on the south steps of the Texas Capitol, stopped by state troopers.  The shooter, Fausto Cardenas, had just visited Dan Patrick's office and had been asked to leave.  There are no metal detectors in the Capitol and Perry opposes them even after this incident.  Patrick has admitted to regularly carrying a concealed handgun in the Capitol himself.  Jesus.

    Jefe then posts a picture of blogger standing in front of her Christmas tree aiming a gun into the camera.  Sweet Baby Jesus would be so proud.  Gold, frankincense, myrrh, and your cold dead body.

January 24 - Dear Lord, until you make being mean and stoopid be painful, this kind of stuff will continue to happen in South Carolina.  I'm not telling you what to do, Lord.  I'm just saying .....

GREENVILLE - Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has compared giving people government assistance to "feeding stray animals."

Bauer, who is running for the Republican nomination for governor, made his remarks during a town hall meeting in Fountain Inn that included state lawmakers and about 115 residents.

"My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better," Bauer said.

In South Carolina, 58 percent of students participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program.

     Okay, for today, Texas cedes the rights to "Ignorant Vicious Politicians" to South Carolina. 
     Gov. Rick Perry, the ball is in your court.



Our (in)famous public school Chancellor has done lost her mind.

I'm not a lawyer, but I play one on the internets, and even I can count 266 defamation law suits.  And, the police are wondering who didn't report the (alleged) abuse.

Dear God, make it stop.


    Susan. A bit of blasphemy on this grand football day. With respect to Old Abe’s memory, when the Union was reformed in 1865, South Carolina should have been sent on their merry way. Misfits, and the voting public who support them, should be excluded from our club.


The ball is indeed now in Perry’s court.  And he lobbed a quick one with his “more guns will make us safer” response to the shooting at the state capitol.  Give them credit - Rick Perry and South Caroline Lt. Gov. Bauer clearly – and I mean CLEARLY – understanding the average GOP voter.  


Remember Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher from John McCain's campaign? He came to Dallas/Ft.Worth for the teabag rallies where he was paid to speak, however they asked if he would make one quick stop in Bedford, between Dallas and Ft. Worth. 150 supporters showed up to cheer their local Repub wannabe's, who were supposed to just say hello, but 15 of them rambled on while Joe crouched in the corner. When he got irritated he finally spoke. Here are some excerpts from the Star-Telegram of what he said:
" Elected officials are failing the country but neither party has the answer".
About Scott Brown of Mass.:
" If you really studied him and know anything about him he's not a true conservative, but he is in the and he's there with Michael Steele and Newt Gringrich, yada, yada, yada, so what?"
" We need true Americans. It doesn't matter if they're Republicans or Democrats. Now Liberals, yeah, we need to get rid of them."
This ole boy lost the shine in his line. Maybe Sarah needs to give him a big red whop upside the head and some new talking points. Just maybe, he found a place crazier than he knew existed.
Esther Womack

Concerning Andre Bauer's "modest proposal"

A real South Carolina patriot, James L. Petigru (1789-1863) said that "South Carolina is too small for a republic, and too large for an insane asylum."

-Charly Hoarse

January 22 - I am completely convinced that the people will rise up and revolt against the Republican view that a person's worth is directly related to the person's net worth.

     And Signe Wilkinson is in agreement.

Dear Susan,

    Lucy Parsons said "Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth."

    Given the increasing power of corporations, I fear that this decision means that we should never be deceived that corporations will allow anyone to vote away their wealth and power.

Don A in Pennsyltucky.

Hi Susan,
Well I guess the SCOTUS ruling on Thursday will clear up one controversy. The pledge for little school chidren.Now every morning they can say:
I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of WalMart and to the Corporation for which it stands.
One nation under Goldman Sachs,divisible,
With Liberty and Justice for a select few .
Brought to you by the ones that cannot support Health Care Reform because it is unfair to small business, but rejoice at the Ruling that will destroy Small Business.


Here's one you'll love.


January 22 - Being funny on purpose is a little harder, ya know.  
     Texas Republican Governor and UnMensa member, Rick Perry wants you to know somehting.

Looking over campaign finance reports can tell you more than who is giving and what the candidate is spending. Sometimes a mis-type can give insight into a campaign's real thoughts. Or maybe not.

For Gov. Rick Perry, two little misprints within a page of each other seemed pretty telling. On a section outlining his political travels, he listed a trip to New York, where he was joined by Texas business leaders for the, as explanation read, "NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremoney."

And on a separate entry, the governor attended an NRA breakfast in our nation's capital, which he has vilified as the seat of waste and sloth throughout the campaign. As his finance report states, the breakfast was held in "Washington VD"


January 22 - Local Republicans have been in power for so long that they walk buck butt nakkid down the street and dare anyone to say a danged word about it.
     I take that dare.
     We've got a guy running the Sheriff's Department as the Chief Deputy.  His name is Craig Brady.  He runs the department because the sheriff is so old that we have to carbon date him every year to figure out how many candles to put on his birthday cake. 
     Brady announced four years in advance that he's gonna run for sheriff when the current sheriff retires or goes to that great gun rack in the sky.  I'm not saying that Brady runs up behind the current sheriff and loudly hollers BOO every chance he gets, but we do often see him looking at the sheriff, rolling his eyes, tapping his foot, and looking at his watch.
     Brady has already started raising money for his campaign.  He held a golf tournament and, from the looks of the pictures I recently saw, it appears like the whole trailer park showed up. 
     Well, next thing you know, Brady arranges a PR bond for one of his major ($75,000) contributors through a buddy judge of his and everybody is wondering how the dickens stuff like that happens right out in the open.  I mean, we know how it happens, but you'd think the good-ole-boys would at least try to keep it under raps.
     But, nooooooo.
     Brady left his old wife after she slaved raising his kids and ran off with a little cutie-pie subordinate at the sheriff's office when she got pregnant.  In short (no pun intended), he's John Edwards with less class, hair, money, and likeability.
     And then this shows up on Commissioner's Court's agenda for next week.

1)            Sheriff's Office:  Ratify travel by Craig Brady and Vanessa Brady to Las Vegas, Nevada, January 19-21, 2010, for extradition of prisoner back to Fort Bend County.  (Fund:  Sheriff, Enforcement, Travel)

     Brady and his baby bride went to Las Vegas to pick up a prisoner and it appears it took them 3 days to go to the county jail, get the prisoner and put his butt on an airplane, which is about a 3 hour process on a bad day.  This is an early morning flight out and late night flight back.
     It doesn't bother me if they want to be Angelina and Brad, scooting around together.  It doesn't even bother me that they want a second Honeymoon.  Everybody should have a second Honeymoon.  What bothers me is that they want me to pay for it. 
     It does not take a Chief Deputy to pick up a prisoner. That's a function of the warrants division.  And, it does not take 3 days. 
     Commissioners will approve it and even think it's cute because that's what good-ole-boys do.  Right in the middle of the street.
     Okay, Commissioners, the ball is in your court.  Now it's your feet that'll be held to the fire.  Make them pay for their own hotel room for at least one of the two nights. 

January 22 - Okay, so it's been a rotten week for Democrats in Massachusetts and Americans in America.  I qualify as both. 
     Democrats gave away Ted Kennedy's senate seat and The Supremes gave away democracy.  I came within half an inch of turning out the lights and locking the door here. 
     Just then, an amazing thing happened.  One of our local young, energetic, and highly qualified Democratic candidates asked me to help her put out yardsigns last night.  Being with her reminded me that Democrats will always work harder to be a vital part of their community.  She also reminded me that grassroots work makes you feel better. 
     I hate to be corny here, but if you're depressed over the past week, find yourself a local Democratic candidate - for Justice of the Peace, Commissioner's Court, District Court or District Clerk, put on your walkin' shoes and never give up hope. 
     And if that doesn't work, have a Margarita with them. 
     Either way.

January 21 - Me?  Bitter?  Naaahhhhh.  Okay, so maybe a little.


January 21 - I feel like a hen at a coyote convention. 
     The activist judges on the Supreme Court just ruined democracy.  They have sacrificed America to please their corporate buddies. 
     I am not exaggerating.  Dick Cheney must be drooling because now he and his buds can buy whatever political office they want. 
     Lord, I'd have to feel better about this to qualify for clinical depression. 

You couldn't be sicker than me over the ruling handed down today by the activists on the Court. A lesser woman would have checked herself in Mayo Clinic by now.  Didn't Roberts say during his confirmation hearing that he wouldn't be activist judge, or make laws, but would rely on precedents, or did my hearing or memory fail me?  All this on top of Texas Monthly received today has Gov Hirsute on the cover and a long story by Paul Burka about how Hirsute could be our next president!  I'm a strong Texas woman, but I just couldn't read passed the first paragraph.  Why is God punishing the good people of Texas this way, or does He just have a sense of humor I don't get?

Activist judges? Surely not!  I thought - according to the teabag mentality - that only liberal judges were "activist". So surely, these damn fools who voted in favor of destroying America could not be "activist judges". The teabagging morons and talking heads said so!
I feel sick. George W. Bush and his ilk have ruined this country. I just sent a letter to Justice Kennedy which stated why he was wrong and at the end, I said I had one honest question for him: "Are you f******* crazy?"
They've all been bought and paid for by big business. And we are so screwed.


Here's a good one -


January 21 - Yes, I am a happier woman today because the Texas Republicans are splattering like egg on a hot sidewalk.
     Thanks to my friend Kenneth, I awoke to news that they've got loco camped out in their eyeballs.
     A whole mess of them held a rally at the State Capitol where they skinned, field dressed, barbequed, and ate their own.  It was fine dining.

With rhetoric that was at times reminiscent of Ross Perot's third-party presidential campaign nearly two decades ago, and sometimes echoed the invective hurled during the states' rights movement before the Civil War, speaker after speaker served up their harshest criticism of Obama and Congress.

But Perry and his GOP re-election challenger, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and state lawmakers did not escape the anger. Other signs read: "Vote 'Em Out," "Perry: The Next Unemployed Texan," Hey, Governor. It's Time To Go!" and "Throw Out Kay Bail Out."

     It is more than a tad amusing that Texas Governor Rick Perry helped start the movement that's now out of his control and dead set on canceling his free parking pass.
     They booed a few Republican State Rep's and made some wacko remarks about the President.  I suspect that their earlier code of respecting the President only applies to Presidents named Bush.

"The time has come for people to rise up and defeat their anti-American, Marxist agenda," he said of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress, as the crowd cheered.

     They did come to one startling realization that most the rest of us have known for a while ---

"The Republican Party tried to use us, but we're onto them now," said Norman Shugar, 77, who drove in from outside Houston.

     Hey, Rick and Sarah Palin - check behind you because those you thought you were leading are now carrying tar and feathers.  You aren't leading anymore - you're being chased.

January 20 - Thank you Ben Sargent ----


January 20 - Well, crap.  Just crap.
     I thought I'd feel better about the Mess in Mass this morning after sleeping on it, but I still woke up with a mouth full of disgust.

Susan,  Looking back over the years I can't remember ALL of t he elections which the Dem's should have won but for some reason they have the ability to shoot themselves in the foot by choosing "unattractive" candidates.  Also,  the winning candidate didn't play on his party affiliation in fact never mentioned it.  Of course, to hear them now, it's all Obamas fault....tch, tch, tch...ALSO to accuse a BOSOX star of being a Yankee fan is no way to win elections, shades of BUCKY "F----- '' DENT!   

Al "Squire"


Brighten up!  The biggest loser is Sen. Joe Lieberman.  He is no longer the "democrats" 60th vote. His bargaining position has just been reduced to zilch, and to me that's an accomplishment! Besides, let 'em filibuster 'til the cows come home.  See how America likes that.


O.K., I’m trying to find a silver lining to this … just to get through the day.  So here goes.  Brown attributed much of his win to “angry people voting”.  I have a feeling there are MILLIONS of angry Dems right now.  If we’re smart we’ll keep that anger going all the way through November!  Pass it on … 



I am with you on this. I cannot believe the voters in Mass. voted for the pretty one. Howard Dean was on Hardball saying that Democracy for America polled the 18% Democrats that voted for that man and their reasons for doing so were because the health care reform bill wasn't strong enough. HUH? Are the people in that foreign state drinking the stupid? He seems to think that now we can get a stronger bill out of Congress. I'm skeptical because I don't think enough Democrats in Congress, especially in the Senate, have the cajones to do this. But I will wait and see.

On a lighter note, last night someone in Minneapolis donated $1.00 (yes, that's
one dollar) in the name of F* You to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The LOL part is that the thank you to this person stayed on the sidebar on their website for at least 23 minutes. You can see the full screenshot here:
but don't let your momma click on since they spelled it out.

Mary in San Antonio

January 19 - There has to be a special place in hell for people who would do this.  If you don't get lathered-up about this, there's something wrong with you.

Johnson & Johnson paid kickbacks to the nation’s largest nursing home pharmacy to increase the number of elderly patients taking the antipsychotic Risperdal and several other medications, according to a complaint filed Friday by the office of the United States attorney in Boston.

The complaint charges that Johnson & Johnson, based in New Brunswick, N.J., and two of its subsidiaries, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, paid tens of millions of dollars to induce Omnicare to buy and recommend Risperdal for elderly patients as well as the drug maker’s prescription pain relievers Duragesic and Ultram, and the antibiotic Levaquin.

     So now we know why Republicans were so disturbed at the prospect of killing Grandma.  Hell, they're making millions off Grandma by simply calling her psychotic.  Drug her up, keep her alive, make money for the fat cats.  Babe, this makes Solyent Green look tame.
     Honey, I'm fixing to be one of those "elderly people" and they'd put me on anti-psychotics faster than double geared lightening. 
     Somebody needs to go to damn jail.  I mean it.  Fines aren't enough.  Somebody needs to go to jail.  I know that ain't gonna happen but it should.  And when I'm queen of the world it will, dammit. 


Take a look at Bob Dunn’s latest post:

It’s about Johnson & Johnson as well, but a completely different story than yours.  I’m sure somebody got some hefty bonuses for maximizing shareholder value.  I’d make a joke about the company name and what they’re doing to us, but that would be too easy and I wouldn’t want to upset your momma. 


January 19 - What Jon said ----

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Mass Backwards
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

January 19 - In the "I Don't Trust Air I Can't See" Department, we have this report ---

Children in Texas are more likely to miss school when certain types of air pollution increase — even when the levels are below the limit set by the federal government, a new study says.

The research also shows that absences decrease significantly when pollution decreases.

The study is unusual because it tracks the impact on a large group: 39 of the biggest school districts in Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth. In El Paso, which has some of the state’s worst air pollution, the reduction in carbon monoxide levels resulted in a 0.8 percent decrease in the rate of absences.

     Now, I can't wait for the pollution deniers  to bounce out with a new ad that says kids don't need air anyway.  It's haze they need. 
     The idiot train is always full.

January 19 - Oh y'all, I must be living right because the Texas Gubernatorial race just blew a big ole hole in the limits of puredee entertainment value for your dollar.

The appearance in last week's statewide televised debate evidently helped Republican activist Debra Medina the most and won her a spot in the upcoming Jan. 29 debate hosted by Belo.

An new Rasmussen Reports survey shows Medina with 12 percent support among 831 likely GOP primary voters surveyed Sunday. Medina had only 4 percent support in a survey by the company in November.

     What this means is that Medina gets included in the teevee debates sponsored by WFAA in Dallas.  But ultimately what this means is that there will be a run-off in the Texas Governor's Republican primary, leaving money, hair, spite and teeth spread all over the state. 
     I'm so happy.  I am.  I ain't gonna lie to you. 

Susan, imagine Avatar with Smell-O-Vision.  That's the Texas Governor's Race.


January 18 - This is local stuff but you probably have the same thing going on in your county.
     The Fort Bend Democratic Party has been plagued with incompetence, not the least of which was charging me, a Damn Democrat, $2 a page for public records in complete violation of state law.
     I do believe that the woman who is the current party chair was baptized with vinegar, plus she believes that doing diddle squat is her mandate.  She's old, she's tired, and she's cranky.  It seems to be far more important to her to have the Republicans pat her on the head than getting any darn thing done for Democrats.
     She keeps getting elected by a clique of middle aged cantankerous wimmen who are hacked off at everybody and liked to watch her beat up on anybody with a new fangled idea.  Like this internet thing.  Or block walkin'.  Or telling people where their voting location is.
     She has a particular dislike of anything male.  I kinda sometimes side with her on that one, but having given birth to three males I think we should let them at least have an opinion without kicking them first.  We can kick them after their opinion, when they've earned it.
     The good news is that a dandy young man has come forward to try to put this county party into the 21st century.  His name is Steve Brown and Hal will tell you more about him
     Steve is being supported by all living past Democratic party chairs, our two national Obama delegates, a State Democratic Executive Committee member from all three senatorial districts in the county, both the Obama and the Clinton team leaders to the State Democratic Convention, every political blogger in Fort Bend County, and ..... me. 
     Let's just hope that outnumbers all the cranky old wimmen who need to step aside and let somebody in a good mood lead the way.
     You go, Steve.  We need you hacking through the forest of Republicans here.  Clear a wide path because we're coming!

January 18 - I hope you Martin Luther King Day is filled with the joy of helping others.  Today, do something to help someone else.  And, if you do it anonymously, you get extra points.

January 17 - Go bid right this very minute!  (Work safe)  It's a Pat Robertson voodoo doll with proceeds going to the Haitian relief. 
     Thank you, Carol, for the heads-up!

January 17 - I take great comfort in knowing that there's people out there working day and night to make my life easier.
     Take, for example, the SarcMark

Now a US firm has come up with an ingenious solution to this very real problem – a new item of punctuation.

The SarcMark, as it has been named, is designed to be used in the same way as an exclamation or question mark.

Anyone concerned that the irony of their email or text message might not be appreciated by its recipient can use the symbol to close their sentence, thereby avoiding awkward misunderstandings.

The symbol – a dot inside a single spiral line – can be installed onto any PC running Windows 7, XP or Vista, as well as Macs and Blackberry mobile devices.

     Uh, but the beauty of sarcasm is that if people don't get it, they don't get it.  SarcMark is attempting to destroy that.  That is evil.

January 15 - As our friend Alfredo calls it, Governor Rick Perry announces his membership in the Taliban in  his letter to Secretary to Education Arne Duncan (PDF) where Rick carefully prints his name at the end and doesn't misspell it this time. 
     Hell, Hon, we don't need to be educating no girls anyway. 
     I have a friend who seriously contends that Texas shouldn't accept the $700 million in education funds.  She says our State Board of Education would just spend it on crucifixes and abacuses anyway.
     She's probably right.

Hey, abacuses (abaci?) are still useful! I keep one next to my emergency slide rule in case of a computer outage. As well as to play with the minds of my IT students, of course. 


January 15 - You need to bookmark this one if you're in Texas. 
     We now have a truth-o-meter in Texas politics.  Hell, the damn page will probably incinerate within a week.

January 15 - And the people speak ---

Miz Susan,

I cannot wait to read your take on the wasted hour tonight in the 3 Stooges debate. There were a few good moments - when KBH was asked if she was in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade and danced all around a yes or no answer, and then when all three were asked the brilliant question about the Texas Futile Care Statute. Funny how Gov. Goodhair was Lt. Gov. at the time the statute was signed and knew nothing about it. KBH just seemed rather clueless about it while Medina was the only one with any knowledge of how the statute has affected Texans.

But Medina's proposal to cut out property taxes entirely and fund the state government with an enlarged sales tax was obviously pure fantasy. And I noticed she never said how high such a sales tax would have to be. Does she not realize that Texas does not have a state income tax? Otherwise it just seemed to be mostly sniping by all three over what had or had not been promised and/or done or not done by KBH and Gov. Goodhair.

All I could think was "I so hope we can get Bill White elected." And it would be most delicious if Ronnie Earle grabs the Lt. Governor spot. Texas simply cannot take four more years of Republicants. Oh, and Republicants? I want that hour of my life back.

From rainy (but warmer) San Antonio,

Susan, thank you for telling me about the debate because I am from a foreign state.  Rick Perry is a gay George Bush, no?  Was he trying to do a parody of Bush and came hysterically short?  He spent the first half of the debate bragging that a thousand people a day are coming to Texas because it's a perfect state, and the second half of the the debate blaming the thousand people a day for all of Texas's problems.

What is the deal with Hutchison smiling largely after she sticks a knife in someone?  She did a poor job of trying to explain why returning to states rights with abortion would lead to a big damn mess.  I know fifth graders who can explain that.

Medina seems to be the only one with intelligence.  She was just insane. 

J Jeff

Rick Perry wants to be President?  God help us.


On behalf of many of my friends, colleagues, and even several people I don't know, I would like to apologize to the Milky Way galaxy for last night's Texas Gubernatorial Debate.

Please do not throw us out of the union for those three idiots. They represent only a small fraction of the people in Texas.

Thank you


January 14 - Well, it seems one local media got ahold of the Democratic JP story. I apologize for doubting it.
     Although she admits it was like nailing Jello to the wall, Bev Carter did find out that Demcoratic Party Chair Elaine Bishop is keeping incumbent Democratic Justice of the Peace Joel Clouser on the ballot ---- for now. 
     And to her credit, Carter caught Elaine Bishop fiddlin' with the truth.  Although that's not very hard to do.  Keepin' secrets is Bishop's favorite game.

 January 14 -
Tonight is the BIG night in Texas, Honey.  We're having us a Republican Governor debate.
     So now you know why Bubba got a big screen teevee - he needed one to hold all the stoopid during this debate.
     Bubba is flying his Democratic sign in the yard today and has a tailgate party scheduled to start about an hour before Twit-Off
     You folks in foreign states are missing a real treat but I'm darn near certain that one of these guys is gonna say something so positively hateful that it'll make national news.  We Texans are good for our entertainment value.

UPDATE:  I have just been informed that it'll be on C-SPAN 2 at 8:00 p.m. tonight.  You lucky dogs!

January 14 - Thank you Steve Sack ---

January 13 - I honestly hope that when Pat Robertson gets to heaven, that God kicks his butt.
     There is something so desperately wrong with that man.

PAT ROBERTSON: And, you know, Kristi, something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heel of the French. You know, Napoleon III and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, "We will serve you if you will get us free from the French." True story. And so, the devil said, "OK, it's a deal."

     There's gonna be a butt kicking.  I just know it.
     So God wants those people to suffer for something their great grandparents may or may not have done? 
     Kick his butt, God.

I just saw the clip and heard what Pat Robertson said.  He's a confused, senile old man, who should not be let out of the house, much less on the teevee.  Sounds like he was talking about the devil, sure as he// not about the loving, compassionate God I'm familiar with.  I just can't get my mind around the fact that people are sending this old coot money.  


It amazes me at the treachery of these slaves who were able in 1791 to make a deal with the devil to free them from Napoleon III more than 50 years before he became president of France in 1848 and almost two decades before Napoleon III was born in 1808.  This man has stupid you can see from space.
Kevin M. Murphy

I just sent that doddering old fool an email, saying he had confirmed once again the correctness of my decision to leave the Christian faith.  As long as religion is led by people like Robertson, knowledge and reasoning are at risk. 


You are far kinder than I when it comes to that doddering old fool.  I always get ticked off when any religious leader opens their mouth.  I firmly believe in separation of church and state.  Any state that tells me how I must worship is going to hear from me and any church that tells me how to vote or support an issue is given one chance (I tell the preacher MY vote is MY vote) and second time is the last time I go to that church.  I have no problem if after a sermon IF a preacher is asked (in a one-on-one situation) he/she can tell me their OPINION but I’m thinking God isn’t speaking to any one person or country and those that say differently need to find a room with padded walls fast.

That said you are suggesting Pat is going to heaven – in my thinking he just burned his last bridge over Jordan – the devil is rubbing his hands and clearing out a hot and rocky spot for Pat and a special thank you so the devil doesn’t have to work quite so hard at corrupting the human soul because Pat’s doing his work for him.


Susan. The Sack cartoon sums it up very well. How would you rank Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts and Jerry Fallwell? I should have added Jim Jones but that would have made the other three look good.



I'll be damned if I can tell 'em apart...I think they're the same person.


What I ant to know is- where did Pat get his information about all this ---sounds to me like maybe he was in the Devils company when it all went down-otherwise how does he have all this "firsthand" information??  He is a crazy old man fooling a lot of ignorant lemming-like people. God must be sighing and shaking His head in 



January 13 - Thanks to Fenway Fran for helping us learn to speak Teabag.



January 13 - It kinda makes me sick that nobody is doing any local reporting any more.  There's all kinds of very cool political stuff going on right now but you will not read about it in the newspapers or online.  It's all word-of-mouth, which means it's gossip.
     I might have to do something about that.
     For example, there's a pretty darned exciting tug-of-war going on in the Democratic primary with the county chair threatening to kick incumbent JP Joel Clouser, whose courtroom and copy machine she feels very entitled to use, off the ballot in favor of her friend Tony Sherman.  The last time I saw Joel in all of his 5' 4" glory, he was threatening to beat up Bubba, Harry Johnson, and Moon Rollins, all of whom are over 6 foot tall and all of whom played college ball.  I still laugh when I see Joel, which don't help our relationship much at all. 
     And then some danged fool at the courthouse, and I have a sneekin' suspicion who it was, told African American Republican Larry Thomas that Judge Susan Lowery was retiring, not true, but he signed-up to run for her seat without bothering to ask her.  She'll beat him so bad that he'll have to unzip his pants to blow his nose.  Republicans are trying to get Larry to drop out, I suspect because forcing Republicans to chose between a black and a woman would damage their brain and their talk radio dial.  Lowery is the only female judge in the entire county. 
     And then there's the GOP District Attorney race.  I'm pondering on purchasing some of those big ole foam finger things you can buy at the ballpark so they can use them to point at each other.  I miss the debate in Katy last night but there'll be another one and I'm coming with a camera.  Shame on Democrats for not having a candidate in this race. 
     I pondering what method I'll use to do local politics.  I can promise you one big thing: my full name will be on it and I will take full responsibility for its content. 

January 12 - You'd think a Republican guy running for District Attorney would want to stay straight with the statutes.
     Well, you'd think wrong.

     This is a quick shot taken from the windshield of my car because it was too darn cold on Highway 762 to get out and prance around in the weeds.
     However, it's clearly a Richard Raymond for Republican DA sign about the size of Del Rio.  It's clearly in the right of way.  And that's clearly in violation of Texas law.
     I have been given to understand that Mr. Raymond, Attorney at Law to the Stars, is a close personal friend of Sheriff Milton Wright, who is squiring him around town.
     Maybe that gives you special privileges, I dunno. 
     Mr. Raymond, if you're reading this, I want to tell you the same thing I told that fool Rev. John Wieider who's running for Congressional District 22 and slaps his weird-o signs on every pole in town.  Hell, there's women who can't even dance because all the dang poles are hazardously covered in Wieder signs. 
     Anyway, you're gonna get the same lecture he did:  If you don't follow the laws before you get elected, you sure as hell ain't gonna follow them after you get elected.  Behave yourself.

January 12 - Okay, so I called the Texas Attorney General's office today to ask if some durn fool could charge me $2.00 a page to copy papers under the Texas Open Records Act.
     The short answer is no.
     The long answer is hell no.
     Governmental bodies can charge you a "reasonable" fee to make copies for you.  The Attorney General has opined that 10 cents a page is a reasonable charge.  For some odd reason, county clerks in Texas are allowed to charge a dollar a page, but no one, not even conniving lazy rumped county chairs can charge $2 a page.  Crap like that is how government bodies try to keep things secret.
     The Attorney General gave me all the information I needed to file an official complaint. 
     You can bet your pink boots that I'm gonna do it.  I look at it this way: $140 is half way to buying one of those pocket projectors and I neeeed one of those.
     It's a dandy idea not to mess with idealistic young lawyers in the Texas Attorney General's office, the Texas Open Records Act, or me.  Elaine Bishop hit the trifecta today. 

Susan, I think you're being a little rough on Elaine.  This is probably the largest contribution she's gotten for the party in 8 years.  Nobody will give her money because the Party hasn't had a treasurer's report in four years.  We have no idea how much money she has or where it goes. 


Now that you know that the copies should be 10 cents a page, you should request at least 2,000 copies.  That should keep them off the streets for awhile.


Susan, you Democrats have a county chair in Fort Bend County?  Could have fooled me.  I tried calling her 3 times and never once got my call returned.


January 11 - Oh. No.
     Say it ain't so.
     Say the the American people will not vote for another Texas Governor for President. 
     Say it, dammit. 
     Texas Monthly is scaring the peedoddle outta me and the rest of literate America. 
     Y'all, listen the hell to me:  Rick Perry makes George Bush look like a Mensa member.  Rick Perry makes George Bush look like a moderate.  Rick Perry makes George Bush look like a straight man. 

Dear Susan,
    Just think a Perry-Palin ticket would be P.P. and present us with so many opportunities.

    Don't wait.  Vote PeePee before you get wet.
    PeePee -- That's the ticket.
    Can you vote PeePee?  I knew you could.

And that's without giving any thought to the matter which is how they would want the voters to behave.

Don A -- in Pennsyltucky which gave you Rick Santorum who is at least as scary as PeePee.

Perhaps we can encourage other states to lust after Presidential Libraries and refuse to let Texas have a fourth one.  

E. Claire

Isn’t the man running for Governor? Seriously, does it help or hurt his gubernatorial chances if he’s seen as using the office as a stepping stone to the presidency? I don’t pick up TM that often any more, but maybe they did us a favor with this one.  

Generally speaking, I’d like to think better of our country than to believe that it won’t be a long, long time before ANY Texan is considered for the presidency again. Little Boots left quite a legacy.


January 11 - Local alert:  I am hearing the same rumors you are that incumbent Democratic Precinct 2 Justice of Peace Joel Clouser filed by petition and that his petition is short the number of required signatures.  If so, he can be removed from the ballot and his primary opponent, Democrat Tony Sherman, will be the unopposed Democratic candidate.  Sherman has filed a contest.
     That's a picture of Sherman over there to the right.  Nice guy.
     In my mind, Clouser is just a shiver looking for a spine to run up and has done diddle squat to help other Democrats. 
     By the way, the Democratic party chair charged us $2 a page for copies of the 70 Democratic candidates in the county (which includes precinct chairs).  You'd think she'd want that information out there, wouldn't ya?  She cannot charge one person without charging all those who request copies, so if you know of anyone who got them for free, please let us know.  Hey, $140 is $140 and I'd much rather give it to a candidate than the black hole the party chair sits on.

January 11 - Okay, I'm gonna tell you a story.
     When I was a little woman, I would say things like, "Grandma, I need those red shoes."
     Grandma, who was a very no-nonsense Texas woman, would reply that all I needed was food, clothing and shelter and the shoes I had on fit nicely under the category of clothing. 
     "You do not need those red shoes," she would lecture.  "You may want them, but you do not need them."
     She obviously missed the point here.
     A woman needs red shoes.  It's way beyond the basic needs of life.  She neeeeds red shoes.
     There is a distinct difference in the hierarchy of needs and wants.  While I agree that I may want, but not need, a diamond necklace, I most certainly do neeeed a shiny necklace.  Good Lord, you can't live properly without a shiny necklace.
     I do not need red shoes; I neeeed them.
     I think it even goes beyond red shoes.  For example, I neeeed to snorkel in Cabo every now and then.  My soul neeeeds it.
     First time I saw big ole Bubba wearing a pair of boots and cowboy hat, I said to myself, "Honey, you neeeed yourself one of those."  I did not need a husband, but I neeeded that one.
     There are things I want that I neither need or neeeed.  But there's a space above want, but under need, where the really great things in life hide out.
     It takes years of practice and understanding to know what goes in the neeeed category.  I haven't perfected it yet, but I know for sure that I neeeed my iPhone but I sure want this.  Can you even imagine how many people I could pester with that thing? 
     A pocket projector.  Dang, that is cool.
     I could make some lives perfectly miserable with that thing.  Would it not be oh so cool to show up at commissioner's court and slide-show their campaign contributions on the wall behind them while they voted on contracts?  How about showing up at political debates and projecting the candidate saying the opposite thing the day before while he's speaking?  Or, pictures of the candidate at the local bar the night before?
     I want one.  I really, really want one.

January 10 - I am working on a  theory of why Texas women are so much tougher than Texas men, with Willie Nelson being the exception.
     We lost a wonderful Texas woman this week, Jean Andrews, who was known as The Pepper Lady but was so much more.  And my friend Richard wrote about another amazing Texas woman I have just come to know, Patricia Hayes.
     And my beloved friend Kary sent me the book about Molly Ivins for a New Year's present.
     You think of Texas men and you think of George Bush and Tom DeLay.  You think of Texas woman and you think of Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan. 
     I don't know why that is, but I suspect it has something to do with big hair.  Maybe all those cans of Aqua Net gave Texas women a chemical advantage in the brains department.  Plus, the bigger the hair, the closer to God, they say.
     My other theory is that Sam Houston and Juan Sequin used up all the good testosterone in Texas.
     I'm sure that I've started a fight here, but that is what I do best.

Miz Susan,

The reason Texas women are so much tougher than Texas men is because we have to be to put up with them. See, nice and simple (so the men can understand the answer).

Thank you for the link to the article on Patricia Hayes. I found it quite intriguing to read that she actually became a matadora, especially at a time when relatively few American women even worked outside the home.

Still trying to stay warm in San Antonio,

January 10 - One step forward, three steps back.
     The conservative Supreme Court continues to legislate from the bench, making strides in turning back campaign finance reform.

Many legal experts say they expect the court to use its imminent ruling, in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, to eliminate the remaining restrictions on advertisements for or against candidates paid for by corporations, unions and advocacy organizations.

     And then this made me cough up a hairball, too:  Isn't it a tad ironic that the same conservatives who threw fits over activist judges now want the Supremes to overturn the health care bill?
     Republicans do not have any core values whatsodamnever.  They want what they want -which is mainly stingy, greedy and hateful - and will change their values at whim to get it. 
     We should have seen this coming.  Hell, what can you expect from people who use Sweet Jesus as their own personal weapon?

As my brother always says, if Republicans didn't have hypocrisy, they'd have no values at all.
It never fails to amaze me, though, that they evidently think we're all so damn stupid that we don't see this. Do they think we're all as stupid as Sarah Palin?


January 10 - This has absolutely nothing to do with politics, but if you combine two of my favorite writers - the Coen Brothers and William Shakespeare, you get a whole mess of fun.
     A great way to spend a cold, cold Sunday afternoon.

January 9 - Our friend Sam from Pearland found it amusing that Alabama would display their Championship trophy in the WalMart.

The University of Alabama is going to display its new national championship football trophy at a place where most anyone can see it: Walmart.

The school says the Coaches' Trophy will be on display at a Walmart Supercenter in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and another Walmart store in Gardendale on Sunday.

     I know it's part of sponsorship deal.  But, friends, I have been to Tuscaloosa and they really need to display it at the original Dreamland Barbeque which you know has to be good because it's right next door to this other place of worship --

     There is no menu at Dreamland.  Dreamland serves ribs, sweet tea and banana pudding.  That's all. No sides.  No beef.  No chicken.  No bread.  You eat what they got or you go somewhere else.

     Yeah, that's Bubba in the background.
     And the entire joint is a tribute to Bama football.  Bubba was wearing his Obama cap and someone commented that would be a nice cap if he took the "O" off of it. 
     I am not generally gracious in defeat, but I truly do want to go back to Dreamland and I do not want to say anything that might cause someone to burn my ribs. 

     The tasteful interior decor of Dreamland. 

For some entertainment visit
Enjoy the photos...


My sister is a faithful reader of your blog and is always forwarding me pertinent information.

Just a note, Dreamland does serve bread. Only its a couple of pieces of "light" bread or white sandwich (for those not from the South). The drinks only come in a can or bottle. But the last time I was at the Original on "Jug Factory Road" in T-town they didn't serve banana pudding. It has been years since I dined there.

When I lived and worked in T-town one of the daughters of the founder worked for me.

Several managers where I worked would make a weekly pilgrimage to the road house on the hill. Once we took a visiting manager from Birmingham to eat. He ordered sweet tea and potato salad. The waitress promptly pointed out the menu, "No tea! No sides! If the drink don't come in a bottle or can we ain't got it."  
Unfortunately, Dreamland has become franchised. Locations in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and 2 in metro Atlanta. They do serve sides and sweet tea, but it still comes with two slices of "light" bread. I've eaten a almost all of these Dreamland-lite locations and none are comparable to the original. As Mr. John used to say, "Ain't nothing like'em nowhere!"

And about football, Being an Auburn fan and graduate, Tuscaloosa was a "great" fit. We beat the Tide all three years I was there. UAT fits the trophy at Walmart before Bear's museum, that way all of the fans can actually see it. When it gets to the museum it will be copied and the original buried with Bear.

Damn I miss Molly Ivins.

James "Jiggs" Haynes


January 8 - Thank you, Jim Morin.


January 8 - Republicans are all suffering from memory loss or they are just outright flatrump liars. 
     Who you gonna believe -- Rudy and Sarah or your lying eyes?

Rudy Giuliani has joined fellow Republicans Dana Perino and Mary Matalin in seeming to forget that the September 11th attacks happened under President Bush.

On "Good Morning America" Friday, the former New York mayor declared, "We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we've had one under Obama."

     I saw some dingbat on teevee last night who said that 9-11 was Clinton's fault but the Christmas Day bomber was Obama's fault.  The shoe bomber was, apparently, Franklin Roosevelt's fault.
     I'm tellin' ya, these people are constitutionally incapable of accepting responsibility.

January 7 - Oh, y'all, look at this.  The GOP is at war with Michael Steele, it's chairman.
     And what are they fighting over?  Money, of course. 

The Times first reported displeasure by RNC members, including several former party chairmen, over Mr. Steele's acceptance of pay for speeches while holding down his full-time job as national chairman, for which he receives $223,500 a year plus unlimited expenses. To the further consternation of party elders and many rank-and-file members, he has embarked on a promotional tour for his new book, "Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda."

     While Steele sees this as a get rick quick opportunity, the GOP donors think they pay him enough.

Critics say Mr. Steele's new book, which retails for $18, is an example of using his office and title for personal gain. On the front of the dust jacket is his RNC title and a large color picture of the author.

     Well, damn, no other politician has ever used their position to make money, huh? 
     However, please don't let me get in their way.  GOPpers: resume your spat!

Steele and the GOP?  Republican capitalism at it's finest!!!


January 7 - So there's this football game tonight, but plans to watch it at a friend's house have been cancelled because of weather.  That means I've got the makings of cheese dip for 20 people.
     But the good news is that there's an Academy store real close to me. 
     Hook 'um.
     When Lil' Bubba went to UT, a close family friend who bleeds burnt orange, presented him with a set of real longhorns to put on his wall in the dorm.  Lil' Bubba was very prideful at having a real set of horns.
     So he and his roommate hang the horns in the living room of the suite they were sharing with folks they hadn't met yet.
     The folks show up.  Turns out they are vegetarians.  Turns out that they are deeply offended by the longhorns.  The parents of one of the kids demand that the horns be immediately removed.  "We do not want these animal parts in our presence," they demanded.
     "Where the hell do you think you are," Lil' Bubba asked. "This is the University Texas.  These are longhorns.  If you don't like longhorns, you should have gone to UCLA or someplace where they have arugula for a mascot."
     Lil Bubba contended it was an old steer who died of natural causes anyway. 

January 7 - You boys and girls remember PBS&J, the company whose business / political practices make Halliburton look like Sunday School Camp?
     And they are courting our county commissioners right here in Fort Bend County. 
     Want to know a rotten way to start off the new year?  Being investigated by the DOJ and the SEC for bribing foreign officials.
     So if county judge Bob "Hawg" Hebert want to keep taking money from them, that's fine.  Then if Rick Perry wins the Governorship again, we'll be a foreign country and Bob will finally get investigated. 

January 6 - We get email ---


Yesterday I received a wonderful business opportunity.  Seems for the new year the Get Motivated Seminars, Inc wants to jump start businesses in Texas, specifically Houston. What a windfall for those businesses!

Their brochure is offering a special!  For a limited time only, you understand, Houston area small businesses can purchase a $225.00 ticket to the seminar for only $4.95 (yep, that's .05 less than $5.) or send their whole office for $19.00! WOW! What a deal....until you see the
list of speakers.

Now we all have to admit it would be powerful to hear Gen. Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, and the ever entertaining Terry Bradshaw.  Heck, I'd pay $5 to see Gen. Powell discuss "Take Charge Leadership."  Mr. Zigler will of course expound on how to stay motivated (so his books keep selling) and Mr. Terry Bradshaw, god love him, will tell us ??? how to property fold a toupee into your back pocket and lose endorsements. Now those folks might be worth the $4.95 + parking at the Toyota Center BUT !!!!!!

They are gonna have to hand out cash at the door to get folks to come watch OR listen to Rick Belluzzo; "Lead and Succeed" A guy who is listed in Wikipedia:  "As of 2009, Belluzo is working as a speaker on a traveling circuit that books/sells low-cost speaking events in auditoriums, civic centers, etc "  His business experience is listed in part as, "Much of his career is clouded in controversy and many consider him to be responsible for the demise of SGI."  Then there is Tamara Lowe, a woman according to her book title, with Motivational  DNA. Wow, wonder if the FBI knows about this. Is it a subcategory in their DNA screening process? Bet it is in Texas! By the way, she and her hubby own the seminar company, guess she can be what ever she wants to be, huh?

The last two speakers offered up will be your personal fav's:  Rudy Giuliani on "The Tenacity to Persevere: How to make it through a crisis" (Moving your mistress into Gracie Mansion?)  And last but not least.....Ms. Sarah Palin on "Achieving Your Personal & Professional Goals" Can't even begin to comment on you can!

The website is here.


Just read that Bristol Palin has set up a public relations firm.
Isn't that sort of like having Custer teach classes in Indian fighting?
Hang in there with the cold weather. You can have mine however: 7 degrees, snow and about a 50mph wind!
Try this for a warm up: one cup of hot orange tea (Constant Comment), 2 lumps of sugar, stir. Add one big shot of Jack Daniels. Drink (don't sip)! 



January 6 - And now the best political race in the country gets a little bit better.
     The Battle Royale between Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has been dealt a delightful blow

The Republican race for Texas governor is becoming more interesting. Dallas-based KERA TV station has just invited Wharton County activist Debra Medina to participate in the Jan. 14 debate which initially included only incumbent Rick Perry and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, the governor’s main challenger in the March 2 GOP primary.

 For Medina, who describes herself as the true conservative in this year’s gubernatorial race, this could be the break she has long been pushing for. The debate, which will be carried by all or most PBS stations statewide, will give her the visibility she needs to make the GOP gubernatorial contest a three-candidate race.

     So, this means we could even be looking at a run-off in the race. 
     Oh, sweet manna from the gods of political fun, this is more than I could have ever asked!
     This race is gonna be hot as high school love.

January 6 - Okay, here's a story as convoluted and odd as a Stephen King plot. 
     It seems that a GOP anti-gay activist has filed in the Democratic primary against a Republican Harris County Commissioner.  The commissioner will likely be removed by an FBI investigation before his terms ends, but is running opposed in the GOP primary, proving once again that Republicans like their politicians crooked. 
     Anyway, shame on Democrats for not getting a legitimate candidate to run for this office because this fool is scary.

Harris County Democratic Party Gerry Birnberg accused Wilson and the Republican Party of fraud. Not only is Wilson not a Democrat, Birnberg said, but the candidate sent a representative who signed in as Wilson and allowed himself to be introduced as Wilson to a roomful of applauding Democrats.

Birnberg said he did not realize when Wilson's representative filed his candidacy papers that it was the same Wilson who sent out 35,000 fliers in November opposing Annise Parker for mayor, in part, because of her sexual orientation.

     And by the way, our local Democratic Chair only showed up for the last two hours of her one-day-only candidate filing opportunity and then pitched a hissy fit because an SDEC member went out and got applications for 20 precinct chairs on his own.  Apparently not having precinct chairs is a goal of her leadership.  Thankfully, she has a solid opponent.

Surely old Dave Wilson, being the fine christian that he is, wouldn't do anything underhanded, deceitful or even downright dishonest.  Doesn't that violate one (or several) of the 10 biggies for being one of America's best christians?
BTW, I just retrieved his pre-election mailer out o' the recycle trash.  I hadn't really given any thought as to whether it might pollute the rest of the recycle paper and now don't know how to properly dispose of it.  I can scan it if you'd like to see it and haven't.  Of course, it'll take me an hour to relearn how to scan stuff, but I can.
Bob Arthur



January 5 - I live on the Texas Gulf Coast.  I own 2 pair of tennis shoes, a pair of black dress shoes, a pair of pink cowboy boots, and 47 pair of flip flops.
     I ain't ready for this ---

     Honey, that's colder than a witches' boob in a brass bra in the Klondike, a cast iron commode in the shade of a glacier, and a well digger's shovel in Dalhart.  Hell, it's colder than Tiger Wood's nine iron.
     I am not venturing outside for a few days.  My famous friend Kary, who grew up gay in Conroe, Texas, so nothing is tough on him now, sent me the book about Molly so I'm set to park my rump in front of the fireplace and read and miss Molly.
     Watch the news because if you see that a full grown woman set fire to her feet, it's probably me. 

When it gets as cold as Dick Cheney's smile it's time to start worrying.


Layers.  It's all in the layers.  The insulating air gets trapped between layers & will keep you warm.  So, just throw on a sweatshirt over a couple of shirts.  I've got a pair of leggings I wear under my jeans.  Does wonders.  Of course, I also own wool sweaters and they are wonderful.

By the way... up here in Illinois we're snickering at you Texas wimps.  And up in Minnesota, my daughter is snickering at us Illinois wimps. 

Good luck!

I personally think its a plot by Canada. They keep sending down cold fronts as a response to all of the acid rain we sent their way that killed off the wildlife in their lakes.
I think they're winning.

Tell "dga" it's that cold here and getting colder by the second!  Shoot, Susan, I'd sure like to have your temps this week. Check out  what WE have coming here"

Marie in Missouri

Would be happy to trade temperatures with you. How about giving Tiger a break, he was not alone when he was looking for love in all the wrong places...  :-)


Snow in DeeCee from Barbara ---

So one of your responders wants you to give Tiger Woods a break...didn't his bride already try that herself?
In the future you can just refer to the golfer formerly known as Tiger Woods ... as Lying Cheetah.


January 5 - I just got the following emergency email from my county government ---


     Arctic cold front?  I thought Sarah Palin wasn't due here until next month.

January 4 - How NOT to stand out in Rosenberg ---

A man wearing a red devil mask was arrested Sunday night for stealing narcotics from a drug store in Rosenberg.

     Up until he jumped over the counter, he just blended right in.

January 4 - Thanks to Kyle for reminding us that the Texas Governor's race may well be the most important race in 2010. 

If Bill White wins that race, he will be the first Democrat in the governor's mansion since Anne Richards. And he'll be the first in 20 years to preside over a statewide redistricting process.

That can have huge implications for the national Democratic party. The 2010 midterms are by far, the least important of the decade. They occur in the same year as the census, just a year before the redistricting process in which districts will be completely redrawn for 2012. Some members of Congress are running in 2010 for seats that won't exist come 2012. How that redistricting plays out is far more important than the outcome in 2010. And that's where Texas comes in.

     Poor Republicans.  Imagine having the most important race in a decade depend on Rick Perry.  Don't you know the Republicans are sweating like a heifer in heat over this one.

January 4 - Okay, I have a friend from Missississippi who commiserates with me about being from a state where folks act ... well, stoopid.
     So, Emily and I always appreciate Alabama for doing more than their fair share of dumber than dog dump stuff.

A Chattooga County mother and father are out of jail on bond Friday night after being arrested for tattooing six of their children.

The couple was arrested in their Summerville home after the biological mother of two of the children complained when the tattoo wouldn't wash off.

Investigators said a plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar string connected to an electric motor was used to tattoo six children.

     The momma says it wasn't child cruelty because the kids asked her to do it. 

Patty Marsh and her husband are charged with three counts each of illegal tattooing, second degree child cruelty and reckless conduct. The sheriff said he's concerned if the same guitar string needle was used each time.

     Thank you, Alabama.  Mississippi and Texas appreciates you doing your share and then some.
     And thanks to Paul for the heads-up on this one.

The tattoo story is absolutely appalling. But you have to give a thumbs up to the staff of another dtdd Alabaman, Rep. Parker Griffith. Eleven of them resigned today. There just might be a glimmer of hope for Alabama. Let's hope these folks reproduce.


January 4 - Most of you know that local Republican political signs have been a source of great and enduring amusement for me.
     I guess one of my all time favorites has to be this one done by a guy, Bud Childers, who will put his signs and bumper stickers where ever the darn well pleases.  If fact, I know people who are afraid to die during election season because they just know Bud will show up at the funeral and slap a bumper sticker on their casket. 
     Well, he accidently made a serious mistake sticking a sign here.  Read from top to bottom of the public service sign he used.
     But grammar on a political sign is indeed rare in this era of errors.  Generally someone catches it before it makes it all the way to the printer.  Not so with Bud.  Bless his heart, he won the Daily Double last election with this whopper.  Bud do it right, Honey.  He really do.
     See that book under Bud's arm?  He hasn't read it.
     We go out and get people to run against him just to take bets on the which will be the worst political signage he comes up with.  I generally win.
     And there are other political signs here locally that are worth mentioning.  Like the female candidate who had us wondering if a parakeet threw up on her signs ---

     Well, it's not even the filing deadline yet and already we have a contender ---

     Experienced.  Okay. Qualified.  Okay. Unquestioned Integrity?  Unquestioned? 
     Okay, so if I go up to this woman and ask, "Hey, do you have any integrity?" then she has to go all over town with a can of red spray paint and take the "unquestioned" off her signs because, dammit, she's been questioned about it?  I don't think a whole lot of thought went into this. 
     Besides, who would put a word like "unquestioned" on a political sign?  It makes it appear that nobody bothered to ask and it leaves a negative word in the voters' mind.  I'm suspecting it was the same person who thought, "Hey, it's a female candidate.  We gotta dot the i in her name with a little star or a heart.  Star ... heart ... star ... heart.  Let's go with the star!"

January 4 -  If you're here looking for what Democrats have filed for what local offices, you're semi outta luck.
     We're gonna try like the dickens to get the local candidates names online at the Fort Bend Democrats Club site
     However, I need to warn you that our local Party chairman is not real encouraging to Democrats.  She has decided to be open to accept applications only one day of the month-long filing period.  She picked the last day.  She decided to do it from 9 am until 6 pm, when most folks are working.  She decided to accept applications not in the county seat but the far, far east end of the county, and she changes the specific location at what seems to be whim. 

     However, it's hard to know whether moving the location is by whim or not because she hasn't held a meeting in two months. 
     It's a 32 mile drive from Kendleton for a candidate to file and it'll take the 45 minutes to get there.  It's 29 miles from Katy, being 50 minutes when there's traffic. 
     Democrats function pretty well without her the rest of the election season, but she makes it very difficult at filing time. All we are asking of her is to give inclusion a chance.

January 3 - I don't care who ya are, you gotta love Texas politics.
     Now we got us a guy who is claiming that his family is gonna kick in the bucks to make him Lt. Gov. 

Marc Katz, democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas announced earlier this week that he is receiving campaign pledges totaling in the millions. Donations to the Katz campaign will initially come from family members across the country.

     I dunno.  Sounds vaguely like The Godfather. 
     And I don't know about your family, but in most families, pledges don't mean diddle squat.  Oh sure, your brother-in-law promises to come help you move the doublewide next weekend, but when pushing time is here, no brother-in-law.  Until the checks clear the bank, I don't think that Mr. Katz is scaring off anybody.

     And then there's Republican Congressvarmint Smokin Joe Barton of Dallas, who is danged proud of his ability to produce an oil storage all on his own ---

U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Arlington, not one to embrace the fight against global warming, just bought a Cadillac DTS that gets 15 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

He mentioned the vehicle — from Classic Chevrolet in Arlington — at a recent news conference and said that if the emission limits proposed at the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen were in place, he’d be riding a bike instead.

Barton’s official car, leased by his congressional office for use in the district, is no shrinking violet, either.

The Chevrolet Tahoe, built in Arlington, gets 14 mpg city and 20 mpg highway.

     So now you know why we call him Smokin' Joe.  Honey, get me a whip and a bridle and I'll ride Joe.

January 1, 2010 - Happy New Year and Thank you Jim Morin and Ben Sargent ----













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