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June 1 - June, of course, is my favorite month.  June is sandals and pink toenails month.  June is warm enough to get into the swimming pool but not so hot it's a Fry Baby.  June is my birthday month. And every 2 years, June is Texas Democratic Party Convention month.
     I'll be there and I'll be non-blogging when I have time.  However, let me warn people --- I will not be blogging about talking to Beth Ellen Simmons while I'm actually talking to Beth Ellen Simmons.  That's what makes me a non-blogger instead of a blogger.
     I'll have pictures of all the parties and the real inside scoop - like who is what parties. 
     And if I run into Nick Lampson at the convention, I'm giving him this ---















Welcome to the website formerly known as The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc.

My name is Susan DuQuesnay Bankston.
I live in Richmond, Texas, in heart of Tom DeLay's old district.  It's crazy here.  No, seriously, it's triple z crazzzy.

I used to be an independent voter, but that all changed when I got to know a few local Republicans.  They are meaner than 10 acres of snakes and have the ethical compass of a bank robber. 

So, I decided that they could just Kiss My Big Blue Butt.

A lot of what I post here has to do with local politics, but you probably have the same folks in your local government.

This ain't a blog.  Blogs are way too trendy for me.  I've been doing this since 1992, so I'm used to it even if you ain't. 

Email me and I'll find a place to put it if I like it.